WELL HUNG at Home with Kelly Vittengl of Frances Loom

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words by: Carly Kuhn
images by: Monroe Alvarez

Many people may assume the founder of Frances Loom is a girl named Frances- however, that is not the case. The curator of the drool worthy rugs is in fact named Kelly Vittengl... or you could just call her by her alias- The Rug Slinger. Founded in 2014, Frances Loom started out as a baby Instagram that has since blossomed into a full fledged business that former interior designer Kelly runs. I got to visit the home of Kelly and her rescue dog named Gus in their adorable Venice beach bungalow. No surprise, the home was filled with numerous Pinterest worthy plants, wall hangings, and of course rugs. Many rugs. See and read below to learn more about Kelly of Frances Loom.  

How would you describe your design style in 3 words?

 I’m basically a big oxymoron. I love clean and modern but also rustic and old. And dirty…(laughs)

What is a song you are listening to on repeat right now?

The whole new Drake album "Views". 

Where do you go to get inspired?

Flea Markets and around the neighborhood- Venice.

Where's your go-to neighborhood food spot?

Gjelina takeaway.

What's a new Instagram you recently started to follow?

Having a Francophile moment-  @jeannedamas.

What's your spirit animal?


If you could have lived during any time period in history when would it be?

I have always felt incredibly nostalgic about Paris in the 1920's, but if I really had to choose, I would kill to go back to 1960's London or New York. I am so envious when hearing about places like Studio 54 back in its hay day. It managed to stay cool and exclusive for such a long time, due to lack of social media during that time. Unfortunately for us, nothing like that can open today without the word getting out immediately. I yearn for some of that privacy. And let's not forget about the fashion...

If you could have dinner with any person living or dead who would it be?

I would love to sit down and have a whiskey, neat with Ernest Hemingway. Although he was known for being a bit depressing, I can only imagine the stories he would tell... I have visited his home in Key West a few times and have a theory that I was one of his many wives in a past life. Probably Pauline Pfeiffer, she was a writer for French Vogue!

What is a skill or talent you wish you had?

I wish more than anything that I was a natural cook. My best friend is a food stylist and chef, and she can literally walk into a kitchen that has 5 ingredients in the refrigerator and whip up something amazing. I am so envious of this skill, because I love food... a lot.

If you could go on a month long vacation, where would you go?

I'm currently dating someone who lives in London, and while Europe is really where I love to travel, I would have to say that I would love to go somewhere super lush and tropical like the Maldives or Tahiti. I haven't travelled somewhere tropical in a very long time, and I can't say I would hate to veg on a beach with a mojito in my hand for 30 days... 

When was a moment you last felt was "delightfully unexpected"?

I hate to be cheesy, but meeting (my boyfriend) Leo .

Lastly, draw a self-portrait in 45 seconds- don't overthink it- just go! 

See below for Kelly's self-portrait and Carly's portrait of Kelly as well.   


"The Mooner" Print from The Cartorialist Shop
Macrame Wall Hanging
Wood Frame Mirror (similar one)
Wicker Baskets (similar ones)
Dining Room Table (similar)
Dining Room Chairs (similar)

Cartorialist Creatives

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