Tunes: Sometimes They Sing Together

Posted by Carly Kuhn on

words by: carly kuhn
images by: roger ellsworth

I am lucky enough to call Ashleigh & Trey Lockerbie my friends. These artists - aka "Sometimes We Sing Together"-  are the epitome of a creatively cool and beautiful couple. Ashleigh spent the better part of five years backing up singers like Rihanna and Selena Gomez, while Trey wrote and performed with artists such as Lenka, Josh Kelley and Lady Antebellum. After some time on the road, they now reside in LA full time, where they run a delicious Kombucha line called Better Booch.  But, music still runs through their veins. As their band name describes: "Sometimes We Sing Together". Soon, they will be releasing their album "Archetypes". To hold us over until then, I wanted to share their first single "Long Long Time"- accompanied by an adorable self made video of the couple. The song and music film perfectly captures the essence of summer and holiday romance. Enjoy below! 






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