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To some, starting a business with your siblings may seem like a nightmare. To me, that seems like a dream. Jenn (middle below), Kristie (left) and Ashley Streicher (right) are living that dream. The three sisters, Jenn- makeup artist, Ashley -hair stylist and Kristie - eyebrow guru-  decided after years of building their brands individually- to merge their sisterly forces and open the Beverly Hills beauty studio Striiike. Take a gander below to learn more about the girls and why I want to petition to be their fourth sister.

How would you describe your design style in three words?

Kristie: Personality, fun and clean.

Jenn: Modern, clean classic and playful.

Ashley: My style in general- effortless, clean and modern (laughs) she stole mine!

Kristie: And Stiiike’s style – light, bright, welcoming, clean, modern but also warm…natural, effortless, fun…kind of all of our styles combined. 

What’s a song you’re listening to on repeat right now?

K:  Tilted- Christine and the Queens 

J: I’ve been listening to a lot of Kurt Vile recently. 

A: The new Santigold album. 

K: I’m surprised no one has said Justin Bieber…

Where do you go to to get inspired?

K: The woods, the forest.

J: I like to travel a lot, outside the United States. But I love to go to Northern California, wine country. Even walking around the streets in San Francisco.

A: Museums, or watch Netflix..really into the “Africa” seriesThe nature depicted in the film is insane. David Attenborough narrates it and the detailed up close shots they were able to get are incredible.

What’s your neighborhood go-to food spot?

K:  I love Go Greek- just went there- love the Dodoni with extra spicy peppers. 

J: I could eat Mexican food every day- El Compadre has amazing margaritas. 

A: We all love Mexican food. Escuela Taqueria is great too. 

J: We live in Laurel Canyon- Pace is a go-to spot- it’s on our way home from work- we love to sit at the bar. I just love cheese and wine. 

What’s a new Instagram and/or Snapchat you recently started to follow?

K: @jr  is my current favorite. The artist’s true identity is actually a mystery, but this dude hangs out of helicopters, dangles off cranes while transforming public locations into challenging and interesting pieces of art.  His art is sometimes serious with a the sense of fun, and the "behind the scenes” making of it is nearly just as inspiring.

J: I just started following @MunichandtheMountains. They document the most beautiful images of nature- lakes, mountains. 

A: I love the beautiful food grams of @ful.filled. I also LOVE all the great hair inspo of @losthairdressers

What’s your spirit animal?

K: A cheetah…running.

J:  Mountain lion. Californian mountain lion.

A: A moth…just kidding. I don’t really subscribe to one.

J: Maybe you’re a cat.

A: I guess I’m like a cat…first seem a little bitchy, but then they’re soooo nice (laughs). 

If you could live during any historical time period in history, when would it be?

K:  Live as an adult during the 70’s-  everyone was so eclectic and free…free love.

J:  It’s hard for me to choose, I love History. The 1800’s - but you’d want to be in with the royals or else you’d be living a really hard life…Also, Paris at the turn of the century.

A: I’m going to the say the Future man..(laughs)….honestly, I don’t think I’d want to go back….maybe as Marie Antoinette! But, only Kristen Dunst playing Marie Antoinette. (laughs)

If you could have dinner with any person living or dead who would it be?

K: Justin Bieber, I just want to know what happened between him and Selena.  

J: Queen Elizabeth the First.

A: The Beatles (all of them together).


What’s a skill or talent you wish you had?  

K: The ability to speak every language. Can you imagine how amazing traveling abroad would be!?!

J: The ability of good conversation.  Especially with strangers.

A: I wish that I was organized slash able to keeps things in order. 

If you could go on a month long vacation, where would you go?  

K:  New Zealand and Iceland.

J: Paris.  Paris is always a good idea.

A: I'd go to Vietnam. I've never been and am really into the culture and food. I feel like I'd love to be immersed there for a good month!   

When was a moment you last felt was “delightfully unexpected”?  

A: That we all went away this past weekend and all got along. (laughs)

J: I’d have to say, something having to do with my son (Arrow). My husband sent me a song he did with Arrow, who’s 3, and they sang “Blackbird” by The Beatles.  I think having a child in general... there are a lot of delightfully unexpected moments.  

K: The moment I walked into my house (after traveling for 24 hours) to a fortieth surprise birthday party!!  I had been away on holiday for two weeks and really missed my sisters, co-workers and friends and there they were, at my house to greet me with a cold and delicious glass of rosé to wish me a happy birthday! 

Lastly, draw a self-portrait in 45 seconds, quick- don't over think it! 

See below for the girls' self portraits and Carly's portrait of the sisters as well!



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